Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Artist of the day, April 30: James Northfield, Australian graphic designer, painter (#680)

James Northfield (1887 - 1973) was an Australian graphic artist active from the 1910s through to the 1960s. He illustrated many commercial and government advertisements which depict Australian scenery, wildlife and daily life and also demonstrate the priorities of the government of the day.

In one of the longest careers in Australian commercial art, Northfield tackled a host of subjects and countless images. His graphic and colour skills were superb. He accepted commissions from travel organizations, industrial firms, government bodies, breweries and clothing manufacturers. A committed commercial artist, he produced artwork for Pelaco shirts, Hypol Cod Liver Oil and Abbotsford Invalid Stout; his large-format brewery posters dominated advertising hoardings for years. His clients also included the Triumph Motor Co. of Britain and the Indian Motocycle Co. of the United States of America. In 1956 he designed covers of publications for the Olympic Games. About this time he began to paint in oils and contributed his landscapes to local exhibitions.

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1921, The Chalet Mt. Buffalo National Park

1925, Lorne, Australia

1930, Mornington  Mt. Martha

1930, Tasmania

1930s,  Zoo Victorian Railways Australia Melbourne

1930s, Fauna tourist poster for the National Travel association

1930s, Travel poster for Australia

1934, Centenary Australia

1935, Australia Great Barrier Coral Reef

1935, Australia

1936, Australia, for Sunshine & Romance

1936, Melbourne, Victoria

1930s, Geelong, Victoria, Australia

1940s, Australian Parrots AUSTRALIA”

1940s, CBD

1947, Apollo Bay Australia

1950s Canberra, Australia

1955, The Oriental Hotel, Melbourne

Australia, The Blue Mountains


Cattle of the Inland

Collins Street, Melbourne

Collins Street, Melbourne


Jonas, Collins St

Koala Native Bear Australian Travel Poster

Murray River Tours, 'Take a Kodak'

Near Alexandra, VIctoria

Monday, April 29, 2019

Artist of the day, April 29: Lindsey Kustusch, American painter (#679)

Explore. Evolve. Try. Make mistakes. It doesn’t matter, because, in the end, you’ll eventually find your style. After a beginning based on the abstract, Lindsey Kustusch has moved on to a more precise, figurative work, but not entirely giving up on the possibilities of the abstract, sometimes using it when painting the background. Undeniable passion for animals and living the city life has pointed her focus on urban landscapes and animals. Her ultimate goal is to capture moments in time through pictorial form, as the city, and life in general, are ever-changing, without two moments ever being completely the same. Every piece is thought of as a memory, for what is life in the end if not a series of memories.

The fear of her artworks being seen as boring has motivated Kustusch to constantly seek new techniques, new inspiration for her pieces. The process of delicately blending pigment and lightly applying it to a canvas was something that was no fun at all, and she wasn’t very good at it. So she started using palette knives and improvising other painting implements. Her two main subject matters are urban landscapes and animals, and she jumps from one to another without any difficulties. In fact, the constant changing of what she paints is keeping her focused and experimental, and her work fresh. One other thing she is recognizable for is the use of the dark palette, since she sees the richness in the dark pigment that simply strikes a chord with her.

She studied at the American Academy of Art in Chicago and the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, but didn’t realize long after the studies, and after a career in animal welfare, that the painting is what she wants to do in life. She continues to be active in such organizations, but deep inside knows the art is what she wants to do. The joy of creating pretty much anything with her hands, and the spontaneous feeling and the physicality are all present in the painting. The endless possibilities of paint along with her love for the city and the animals, her cats especially, make a combination which is a dream for every artist.

To know what you want to paint and how you want to paint it, and when the whole process provides such a pleasure – all that remains is to see what Kustusch decides to do next. Her recent trip to Germany and the photos she took, which will serve as inspiration for the new paintings, promise a slight change in the approach, a change we look forward to seeing.

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2014, What is gathered will disperse

2015, The sink

2015, Looking out from underneath

2015, Rise Above

2015, Yellow raven

2016, Beside the Wilds

2016, Fairmount Ave

2016, Laundry Day

2016, Only for a Moment

2016, Shades of onyx and sapphire

2016, Shy Giant

2016, The Common Grackle

2016, The Ulysses Butterfly

2016, When our walk began

2017, Common Iridescence

2017, A Break in the storm

2017, As the Light Lifted, So Did the Raven

2017, From Darkness to Light

2017, From Her Perch

2017, I Thought of home

2017, Looking North at Dawn

2017, On it Went

2017, Seattle at Dusk

2017, Sunset at Dead Horse Point

2017, The General Store

2017, The Lady of the Lake

2018, A Wildness Calls

2018, Afterglow

2018, Butterfly on Gold Leaf

2018, Castro Through the Clouds

2018, Common Iridescence

2018, Engine

2018, Engine I

2018, From Darkness to Light

2018, In the Cool Denver Air

2018, Luminance

2018, Morning in Dolores Heights

2018, Morning Light on the Old Trucks

2018, Morning on Pine St.

2018, Santa Fe Theatre

2018, Summer in the city

2018, Sunshine on the Hill

2018, The Cotton Gin

2018, The Madagascan Sunset Moth

2018, The Vibrant Sulphur on Gray

2018, Travel by Train

2018, Washington & Taylor

2018, Amplitude

2018, Oakland's Historic Movie Palace