Friday, March 24, 2023

Artist of the Day, March 24, 2023: Al Freno, a Belgian emerging painter (#1811)

 Al Freno (1978) is a Belgian painter. He remembers starting to draw at a very early age and being fascinated by Dali and Picasso throughout his adolescence.

During his studies in a school of architecture, he was able to enter the school of Fine Arts where he learned the techniques of shadows, lights and perspectives.

"I have traveled a lot to many countries and I think that's where my passion for blue, the sea, dream villas and swimming pools comes from. I like through my paintings to make the person who looks at them travel. That they can dive, in a way, into the painting." Al Freno

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 Al Freno
 Chrysler. 2021
 Fin de soirée à Santorin. 2021
Le cactus au bord de l'eau. 2021
Paisible terrasse 2021
Pink cactus. 2021
Retour de plage. 2021
 Villa à Palm. 2021
 Villa with view. 2021
#4 from Miami. 2022
Be my baby. 2022
California love. 2022
Can’t take my eyes off you. 2022
Evening night. 2022
High hopes. 2022
I got you babe. 2022
Kaufmann house. 2022
Lifeguard hut 1. 2022
Lovely day. 2022
My 911 love. 2022
My way. 2022
 Room With view. 2022
Saturday at the villa. 2022
Take the plunge. 2022
 The California dream. 2022
 On the way to sea. 2023
 Private world of DAVID. 2023
Unforgettable. 2023


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