Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Artist of the day, July 1, 2020: Katie Ohe, A Canadian sculptor, kinetic art (#1035)

Katie Ohe, AOE (born Katherine Dorothea Minna von der Ohe) (1937) is a Canadian sculptor living in Calgary, Alberta. She is best known for her abstract and kinetic sculptures.

She began her studies at the Alberta College of Art and Design in Calgary (1954-57) under the guidance of pioneer modernist artist Marion Nicoll. Other influential instructors were Illingworth Kerr, Stan Blodgett, Ken Sturdy and ceramist Luke Lindoe. Lindoe invited her to work at Ceramics Arts in the summer of 1957, where she worked alongside Walter Dexter, Walt Drohan, Luke Lindoe and Pat Banks (Drohan). She was awarded a National Gallery Study Award to study child art education with Arthur Lismer at the Montreal School of Art and Design, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts 1957-58. While in Montreal, she was impressed by an exhibition of the planar work of Anne Kahane. On her return to Calgary, she taught in the child art program modeled on that of Lismer at the Coste House, Calgary. She returned to the Art Department of the Provincial Institute of Technology and Art (now the Alberta College of Art and Design) to complete her fourth year and earn her diploma in 1960. With a Green Shield Scholarship secured through the support of Marion Nicoll, and the recommendation of Archie Key, she went to New York City to pursue post-graduate studies for three years at the Sculpture Center. While there, she worked alongside sculptor Sahl Swarz who later invited her to Verona, Italy where she spent several summers working at the Bronze Foundry.

Embracing elements of reductive geometry, repetition, and visual harmony, Ohe has developed a body of work that is at once connected to Minimalism through its purity and unity of form, but is also affective, idiosyncratic, sensual, and concerned with personal experience, memory, and the perception of the natural world.

Ohe married artist Harry Kiyooka in 1968. In 2011, they founded the Kiyooka Ohe Art Centre to promote contemporary art.

Ohe taught drawing, ceramics and sculpture to adults and children at Coste House 1960-1962, and 1964-67. She taught at the Alberta College of Art and Design 1960-2 and 1970 until her retirement from teaching in 2016. She was sessional sculpture instructor at Mount Royal College 1970-1982, sculpture instructor at the University of Calgary 1978-79, and seminar instructor at the Banff Centre, 1978-79

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Ms. Katie Ohe

Installation view

Horizontal loops



Sky Block


1985 (detail)


From the Guardian Series, 1988-89

From the Guardian Series 1988-89

Squat Lady
From the Guardian Series, 1988-89

Big Dipper

 Mother's Dream

Mysore Crow

Steel, 2001


Weeping Bees




 Doodle Clusters

Earth Probe, n.d.

Garden of learning. n.d.

Janet's Crown, n.d.

Kinetic sculpture, n.d.

Montova Arch, n.d.

Venetian Puddle, n.d.

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