Saturday, July 11, 2020

Artist of the day, July 11, 2020: Vertigo Artography/Mohanad Shuraideh, An Emirates Creative Director, Art Director, collage artist (#1039)

They say that trends repeat every 20-30 years and each time re-appear as new, updated versions of the old style. Some researchers assume that there are actually a number of different reasons behind it, for example, designers taking original ideas as their inspiration, change in generation and society. As of today, we could all agree that this decade has a strong 80's and 90's influence, isn't that right? With this in mind, we could say that artists have the tendency to look back in the past and find inspiration there for their new artwork.

One artist proves that right. Mohanad Shuraideh, (Dubai, United Arab Emirates) is an award-winning artist and also an art director. We wouldn't lie saying that he's a bit different from what we are used to seeing around. Shuraideh loves to experiment with three different art niches: collage, illustration, and photography. He combines old, vintage photographs from the past to create a surreal madness that makes you look twice at it. The collages form magnificent vintage images featuring a waterfall of milk, retro ice skaters spinning on Saturn, Marilyn Monroe's iconic white dress rising like a mushroom cloud, two lovers swimming in the sea of the galaxy, and much more. Shuraideh perfectly depicts scenes that would be a good start for vintage fantasy movies that people could be renting 20-30 years ago at the video rental shop.

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 This Is How A Road Gets Made


Milky falls


Down The Drain

Pulp cleaners

Pink Rockets


Universal Toss

Eat Up

Girls On Toast

Staying Alike

 Fried Chicken Drive-Thru

The Orchard Of Me

Aunt Daisy’s Tea Party

Likes Away

Muscle Mary


 Eggy Clouds

 On A Good Day

 Lake Afternoon Tea

Serving up cake by the seaside

 On Evil Beach

Pop the hood

 Skate ring

 Houston We Have Cauliflower

 Big Bang Generation


 Sky Skating

 Beach egg

Galactic DJ

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