Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Artist of the day, July 18: Aggelika Korovessi, Greek conceptual sculptor

Aggelika Korovessi is a Greek conceptual sculptor known for her work based on sound waves of spoken words. She lives and works in Athens, Greece.

Her works have been exhibited widely in Greece and abroad, and are included in museum and public and private collections internationally.

Korovessi studied from 1970-1975 at the Athens School of Fine Arts under various teacher sculptors including Dimitri Kalamara. From 1985 she became specifically interested in the sound analysis of words, inspired by the work of Iannis Xenakis. Korovessi begun to create works that show the use of technology, music and science, resulting eventually in the 'sound-sculptures' which were later called SonArt.

In 2008, Korovessi was awarded the Silver Olympic Medal Award in the International “Olympic Spirit in Beijing 2008" Sculpture Competition.

From July 5 - September 1, 2013 the artist opened her exhibition at the National Archeological Museum of Athens, Greece titled Retrospective: Time, Form, Concept. This was the first contemporary art exhibition to place works amongst the museum's permanent collection.

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Mrs Aggelika Korovessi

2017, Jumper


2017, Balancer Perhaps

2016, Uplift

2016, Fleeting words

2016, Balancer Changes

2013, Sonic Alphabet

2013, Cavalry Monument

2013, Balancer Perhaps  A

2012, ‘Swifts’ couple

2011. Irini (Peace) A

2010, Sea Τravellers

2010, Flight

2010, Ego II

2010, Balancer Kronos

2010, Balancer Changes

2009, Freedom

2009, Fisherman

2009, Balancer on Earth II

2007, Talented Balancer

2006, ‘Irini (Peace) large multiple

2006, Soundfish

2005, Settled Music

2004, Settled Music Balancer’

2004, New Horizons

2003, Rowing

2003, Irini (Peace) II

2003, Evolution disk

2003, Balancer Perhaps

2001, Irini (Peace)

2000, Mosquito – Winged Words I

1999, Journey

1999, Balancer

1997, Peace

1997, National Resistance Monument

1997, Life

1996, Water

1996, Eros

1995, Genesis IΙ

1995, Communication

1994, Flight

1994, Exit of Dreams

1992, Πέταγμα” (μεγάλο)

1992, Transmutations I, II, III

1991, Zeimpekiko

1991, Sleepless Windows

1990, The Seashore’s Last Children

1990, The Line of Life

1990, Landscape

1990, Family

1990, Bonds

1986, Woman – Races

1980, Jointed

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