Thursday, July 5, 2018

Artist of the day, July 5: Marc Aspinall, British illustrator

In the work of UK based illustrator Marc Aspinall you find the return of a classic era of modern illustration. His paintings bring back those decades long passed where bookshops and grocery store shelves were dominated with magazines full of articles written by intelligent and witty authors, their words illustrated by innovative artists who used those outlets to create miniature masterpieces in the margins.

Marc Aspinall’s digital paintings combine the tactile freedom and efficiency of those illustrators from the ’50s and ’60s who colored the pages of publications such as The New Yorker, Playboy, and Reader’s Digest with his own distinct visual ideals and values. There’s a clarity to Aspinall’s craft — he does what the job ‘illustrator‘ requires and illustrates, perfectly, the mood and story of the words his art accompanies.

Aspinall’s work appeals to the sophisticate, the gentleman in us all. His art lets us feel far more intelligent than we may actually be.

© 2018. All images are copyrighted © by Marc Aspinall. The use of any image from this site is prohibited unless prior written permission is obtained.

 Savoie Wine for Centurion Magazine

 Your Turn Mr. Assad for Das Magazin

Easy Jet Val Thorens, The Tree House Press

Ethisphere Global Business for The Tree House Press

APEC International Anti-Corruption for Ethisphere Magazine

Evil Tender Presents - In Reference Epiphany

German Wings Morzine

 Deadly Aim for Guide Magazine

 Katya's Gold Part 1-5 for Guide Magazine

 Look Behind You for Guide Magazine

Hard Case Comics   Titan Triggerman - Variant Comic Cover

 The West Country for House And Garden

 Geneva for Le Parisien

Geneva for Le Parisien

Microbe and Gasoline Poster

Microbe and Gasoline Poster

Miles Davis A Kind of Blue

 Brian Behlendorf and Christopher Hart for MIT Technology Review

 Sierra Madre for Port Magazine

 Sierra Madre for Port Magazine

Pretty In Pink Portrait

 Weezer for Rolling Stone Magazine

Retail Partners for Sekford Journal

Retail Partners for Sekford Journal

Retail Partners for Sekford Journal

Sekford Luxury Watch Branding Illustration

Silk Road Marketing

 The Dinner Party for Southwest Airlines

Spectre - James Bond Self Initiated Book Cover

  Playing Dead by Olivia Williams for The Guardian - Observer

The Looking Glass War - John Le Carré Self Initiated Book Cover

 Better Call Saul for The New Yorker

Better Call Saul for The New Yorker

Happy Valley for The New Yorker

Inside Llewyn Davis for The New Yorker

Sherlock for The New Yorker

The Elephant Man for The New Yorker

 Animals Named After Humans for The Observer

 Issue X Mike Jones for The Ride Journal

 10 Drinking Rules Of The Summer for The Telegraph

Jill Dawson, New York for The Telegraph

 StarWars-BMD for The Tree House Press

 Compliance Enforcement Abroad for Thisphere Magazine

Marc Civil Da Internet for Thisphere Magazine

 Game of Thrones for Variety

 I've Got Ovid - Jane Alison for Virginia Quarterly Review

 Sci-Fi prophet for The Washington Post

 Bonjour Voiture for Wired

 Bonjour Voiture for Wired

From Cave Walls to Smart Phones for Wired

When Computers Judge, How do We Judge Computers for Wired

When Computers Judge, How do We Judge Computers for Wired

World 2018 for Wired

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