Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Artist of the day, July 3: Simon Silaidis, Greek calligraphist, graphic designer

A designer by trade, Simon Silaidis (1985) has managed to remove financial motivation from his calligraphy practice, instilling it with a rare purity. “Calligraphy for me is a way of life. The sweeping brushstrokes, the formation of the letters and the control over the ink gives me a sense of freedom but at the same time a sense of captivity to make the best possible art.”

Void of explicit signatures, Silaidis’ style itself has become the key identifier for his murals. Drawing on his vast cultural experience, the Western Arabic and Asian influences that are on proud display in his lettering are not easy to ignore. Given the scale of the works, it’s hard to believe his process is largely unplanned, preferring to remain dynamic and responsive to the site itself.

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Mr Simon Silaidis

Silaidis at work

 The brush project

Personal identity

Arms of Oblivion logo

Calligraphic Tattoo Comission

Duran logo

Know Thyself

Monogram for tattoo

Tenshi  (Angel)

Wedding Monogram


Ark lettering

Aura lettering

Dare to dream

Decipher 3D code

Decipher 3D code

Dream lettering

Dream = faith


Enigma in progress

Eunoia calligraphy



Grace in progress

Le nuage

Le nuage

Le nuage

Le nuage

Le nuage

Le nuage

Le nuage

Le nuage

Le nuage

Le nuage


Life Line


Opel calligraphy

Salvation tatoo


Seventh Heaven

Seventh Heaven in progress



Terra Mater work

Terra Mater

The location of Terra Mater

Ultima Vale

Ultima Vale in progress


Unforgiven in progress



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