Monday, July 23, 2018

Artist of the day, July 23: Hugo Pondz, Belgium painter

Hugo Pondz, (1964) is a regular visitor to New York in his dreams and is interested in both the urban landscape of the city and places empty and forgotten.

The caracters are waiting or dreaming and maybe both . It seems there is a war between shadows and light. The aim is straightforward: to create paintings that provide a strong sense of places in which the time stands still in waiting,....

In terms of important influences, he admires the work of the American artist Edward Hopper and Giorgio de Chirico

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detail from King of the world

Waiting for the signal

The wide world

Le signal

The link

The first key

King of the world

Following a dream

 Bientot trois heures

Talk with Heaven

6 A.M.

The upcoming arrival

The next journey

The great journey

The great challenge

The future projects

The cage

The bright moment

The approach of summer

Summer breeze

Songe d'une fin d'après midi d'été

One day soon

Lonely with my thoughts


Emma Vettriano's bath

Confidences between friends

A beautiful day

Waiting for tomorrow

The secret

The inner world

Sous la brise légère

Peut être demain

After the storm

After the storm II

La vérité cachée

Waiting for tomorrow (earlier work)

The great threat (earlier work)

Liquid days (earlier work)

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